What comprises a healthy relationship?


Before jumping onto what makes a healthy relationship, We should clear be about our stance on the relationship. How would you define one?

In layman terms, almost everyone would agree that it’s something mutual between two people where they commit for physical and mental intimacy together. It sounds pretty simple but actually raises many eyes when we focus on small details. A few could be like, “What are the terms of commitment? or “Is physical intimacy an important thing?”

But again, It’s not mathematics. No one thinks that much before getting into a relationship.

And thanks to countless Bollywood flicks, almost everyone wants to be a part of it. Almost every adolescent person has a desire to be with someone; they desire to be taken care of. But what makes a happy relationship? A Relationship is something that creates a small world for the couple. The world where the couple feels complete. The happiness is just insatiable.

So, What makes a healthy relationship?

Relationship connects two souls together. It surrounds you with positivity. Your partner’s tender, care & respect towards you fills you with immense joy. A relationship is  about standing by each other no matter what. It’s about being sure that your partner will have your back when needed. If something happens to you, you know you can rely on them. It’s about facing all the ups and downs in the relationship yet being together.

It’s not only about meeting ur sexual needs it’s about being naked in your thoughts. You have to be completely open to your partner; be it your thoughts, sometimes your complaints, You should never hide things and you should never lie too. Remember, hiding things is as good as lying in a relationship. If something’s bothering you, go and confront your partner. The discussion will help to sort out things while your silence will create a distance between you two. And of course, there should be enough understanding to give your partner his/her own space when he/she needs some.

Discussing doesn’t mean poking your partner time and again. If he/she needs some time, give him/her time. When he/she is ready to discuss, then do it. Do it with complete honesty. Don’t just be a speaker, be a listener too. Consider your partner’s thoughts and apologize where you feel you are mistaken. Then explain your point of view too. This will create a transparency in your relationship which is really needed to build a strong long-lasting bond.

A relationship is about encouraging the partner excel in future. It’s about supporting his/her future plans. It’s just not about distractions it’s about celebrating the success together. If your partner is in a problem, don’t hesitate to help him/her. Try your best to take him/her out of it. If you can’t do that, at least give moral support. It will boost his/her confidence to face the problem.

It’s about trusting each other over everyone. Someone’s there may be a situation where you have some doubts about your partner. Go and talk to them and when they explain something, believe them. Your partner loves you too, they won’t think of hurting you by any means. Don’t just give up because of one issue, solve it, talk it out. Don’t leave your partner because of a misunderstanding. You don’t know how hurting that is. You can’t even imagine the amount of pain you’re giving to your partner. Clear out everything. Be with them.

This is what a relationship is all about. But, today people just don’t realise what exactly a relationship is. They just want to be together for the sake of being together. Then eventually they get “bored” and switch on to a new one. Just one problem and they decide to leave. So, here’s for all the ones who are in a relationship and those who want to be in a relationship…Trust your partner deep enough to be together forever. Understand each other. Have deep conversations. Realise each other’s worth. Try to stick to one person with whom you would do all the crazy stuff, with whom you will share all your emotions. Stay with the one who will always stay committed to you. Deal with your problems together. Stand by each other. And yes, of course, love each other enough to not let go of easily. A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together, it’s about the foundation you built together.

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