AI is the new internet

If 2000s was internet, 2020s is AI. Here’s why.


Artificial Intelligence, A Branch of Computer Science, has been discussed around by everyone in the past years, from scientists, programmers, salespeople, and to everyday people. Few have the understanding of the technology behind it and little know of its incredible and infinite potential.

Well, look at it this way. Internet at the moment is everywhere, right? In 10 years or less, AI will also be everywhere. From your iPhone, iPads, Macbooks, SmartTVs, public telescreens and other devices. AI’s effect to people, will be in a much more greater magnitude. People will not be ready. Mark this.

As Cambridge Analytica said back in 2018,

“Data is a more valuable asset than oil”

Well, one reason is data. Your data will be used by the AI in your phone to come up with better results, decisions, and anything basically that you will use for your daily life. AI will be your new persona, best friend, work wife, and marine buddy. AI won’t only be everywhere, but it will also be your everything.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

The public will see AI as a threat initially, as it will take a lot of jobs mostly. But over time, people will adapt to it as they see how AI can dramatically help better people’s lives. But despite the benefits, it should be regulated tightly.

AI should be managed and should be regulated. Why?
Elon Musk’s once specifically said,

“It can wipe out the human existence”.

That’s exactly true, because if AI won’t be regulated, we’re done in this planet.
All you have to know as an individual is that at one point in the future, AI can potentially assume a form of a Superhuman or the geeky term Sentient and this form is the most dangerous, because it can take over our world and it can decide to think on its own and forget about the human existence.

In conclusion, our society in the new decade will see an effect from AI similar to how the Internet did in early 2000s. It will be fast and people will not be ready. There’s comes a moment in a near future where suddenly, AI will be everywhere you go and will be everything to you. AI’s presence will be both scary and exciting. AI will be the enemy of our world.
People of the world vs. the AI.