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Biodegradable Shoes Made From Artifical Spider Silk

If you remember the  Adidas sneakers which are made of ocean plastic this article will definitely position Adidas in your mind as a shoe brand that is one of the most progressive, innovative and sustainable oriented. A giant among sport equipment companies came out recently with new biodegradable footwear made from artificial spider silk. They shared their newest of innovations with the public […]

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FYFs – Ridiculously Tough Socks Made From a Material Stronger Than Steel

As the anti-shoe movement continues to gain steam, there’s been a corresponding flood of minimalist, barely-there footwear hitting the market lately. Those dorky Vibram toe shoes are everywhere these days, Nike’s new running shoes weigh practically nothing anymore, and there are dozens of other brands with their own take on the idea. The latest entry into […]

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Magic Shoes Change from Heels to Flats in No Time

We’ve ALL been there: either stuck at the end of the day with an impending commute and nothing but pain in your poor, worn-heels-all-day feet OR, ready to go for drinks after work with nothing but your boring, casual flats for company. Sure, we could take two pairs of shoes to work every day but […]

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