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The 8 Keys to Finding Meaningful Work

In most people’s minds the words meaningful and work have little, if any, connection. Our culture has become such that we are encouraged to choose a career based on its ability to provide security and financial stability rather than opportunity for alignment with our passions and dreams. The prospect of finding fulfilling work is believed […]

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Happiness Isn’t About How Much You Have, But How Much You Enjoy Life

d for can only give them temporary happiness. We do nothing hard but lose the passion of life and the hope of future Then, you might think that it is better not to play hard or work hard. However, being a nihilist can neither guarantee you long-lasting happiness. Being a nihilist is the worst case […]

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Be Happy

Simple Ways to Always Be Happy

Socialise. Having lots of contacts with others is the key to success. One person might give you a really useful idea for work, whilst in other cases you might meet someone really special. It doesn’t matter if you don’t become best friends with everyone that you meet; the main thing is simply to keep in contact. Having a wide circle of acquaintances is a guarantee that you’ll have someone […]

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Life is more about failures than success!

If I ask you, “What do you want from life?”, What would your answer be? Will it be about finding happiness? Or will it be about creating an impact on the world through positivity and happiness? Either way, We have been molded by the society to account for the work done through a parameter of […]

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