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Indoor Plants to Brighten and Purify Your Home or Office

There’s no denying it – a lush, green plant can brighten up any space. With many of us now spending the majority of our days indoors, it’s amazing how much a touch of the outdoors can improve your mood. Good news! A number of studies have found links between the presence of indoor plants and […]

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Why You Should Cycle More

Cycling is great exercise, good for the mind, body and spirit and releases those lovely endorphins that make us feel cheery. Of course, we all know getting a bit more exercise is a good thing but here we document why cycling is just so darn great and why you should be doing it more. 1. […]

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Paris Allows Residents To Plant Urban Gardens

Paris Allows Residents To Plant Urban Gardens All Over The City With its gorgeous gardens, plant-draped decks, and florists in every quartier, Paris without any doubt is flower-friendly city—and it’s about to get even greener. Thanks to a recent lead, members of the Parisian public are now entitled to plant and maintain their own urban […]

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