Quick, Easy Foods That Boost Your Mood

You know the drill. You wake up in the morning, immediately regretting how late you stayed up the night before and wishing you could crawl back into bed. But you can’t. So you sit there, staring down the long barrel of yet another day, and weigh your options. Coffee? Nah. While it may give you a […]

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Eating Chocolate For Breakfast Is Beneficial To Both Your Brain And Waist

Scientists at Syracuse University in New York carried out a large-scale study to show how chocolate has a direct effect on our cognitive performance.  Consuming it regularly can significantly improve memory and develop our abstract thinking.  They study included 968 people aged 23 to 98. They did not change their dietary habits. Researchers at Tel […]

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Guilt free beauty treats.

These naughty ingredients are way better out than in! If you’re on a health kick, streamlining your diet is the first step to reaching your goals. Out goes the caffeine, sugar, salt and carbs, and in comes the fresh fruit and veg, healthy fats, lean meat and whole grains. Hey, it’s a good plan – […]

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