Mine – Special Waves Modular MIDI Controller

The MINE from Special Waves is designed to let the user configure their own original controller to suit their needs.

Currently two versions are available: Mine and Mine-S. Mine consists of a matrix of 8×8 (rows columns), that allows the insertion of a maximum of 64 modules; while Mine-S is an 8×4 matrix and can accommodate up to 32 modules.

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A standard USB port allows to connect the controller to PC/Mac and this is also used to power the controller. When you connect many modules with LED the intensity of LED could be less bright. For this reason, we add a power supply connector that can be used to increase the light intensity of the LEDs when you consider it appropriate.

Additional expansion ports are nearby USB port and power supply plug; 2 more ports for expansion in Mine and 1 in MineS.

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Mine is designed for DJs, VJs, producers and musicians who are looking for a highly customizable, expandable and reconfigurable product. These modules are built by single electronic interfaces in order to offer the maximum flexibility in the creation of your own configuration.

Today’s solutions available on the market are not able to completely fulfill the user’s needs.

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