Life is more about failures than success!


If I ask you, “What do you want from life?”, What would your answer be?

Will it be about finding happiness? Or will it be about creating an impact on the world through positivity and happiness?

Either way, We have been molded by the society to account for the work done through a parameter of success and failure. Too often we are told by our peers and parents that anything below success is a waste effort. No one accounts for work and almost everyone looks at the result.

But is that life? All we are told is that life is a simple story with a start and an end. “You start working for your goal and you succeed with a smile on your face.” This is what we are often told. Summarizing it, Life would actually look like:

  • You start working for your goal
  • You give all your efforts and work very hard for it.
  • You fail.
  • You don’t give up and keep trying.
  • You eventually succeed.

But is life really this simple? Do you always achieve your goal? And Is failure just a one-time thing?

I can recall failing miserably thousand of times, even up to the point of breakdown. I can recall not being able to gather the motivation to go any further. There have been times where I have succeeded in one go and there have been times when I didn’t succeed at all.

All I am trying to say is

Life is not fixed. We never know what’s going to happen in our lives. Setting a threshold of success for everything we do is only going to give us unbiased expectations.

Life is not only about successes and it’s certainly not only about failures. It’s an amalgalm of both. In fact, Life is a sentence of failures briefly pronounced by successes.

Life is not what we have always been told. Life is not only about success. If we had to summarize how life actually looks like, It would be something like:

  • You start working for your goal.
  • You fail for the 1000th time.
  • You succeed the 1001st time.
  • You start working for your subsequent goal.
  • You fail again till indefinite time.
  • You finally succeed.

This is how life actually is like,

If life was to be described in terms of a cake, the cream would account for our failures and the cherries would be the success, just a handful of them.

Is that a thing to be sad about?

No, Not at all. It’s just about being as realistic as possible. Life is not everything we have been told, Life is not a straight path where you walk towards success and find it very easily. Let’s not think of life as that. Start thinking of life as a journey where successes and failures are just something we come across. That’s not our milestone, it could be a barrier or a shelter, but for sure is not something we would stop at.

We should start looking life as a happy process where failures are a part of it and there is no need to be sad about it. We know it’s going to come along our away, let’s just be happy about it.

Enjoy your failures as you enjoy your success, after all they tell you what not to do.

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