The Crane, the Kinetic Lamp

The Crane Lamp is a playful, movable light designed by London-based design studio Animaro. It can change dramatically in height and shape, its moving form inspired by the shape of the Crane Bird extending its neck to catch prey.

Bringing Back The Mechanical

Making a telephone call used to involve winding a keypad and lifting a receiver. Playing some music used to involve placing a record on a turntable and lowering the needle. Keeping time used to involve winding a spring loaded clock mechanism with a key. We used to interact with the objects around us far more than we do now. There was less automation, fewer user interfaces and less hidden technology. Everything was on show and everything could be adapted. The Crane Lamp is the first of a range of products from Animaro that seeks to celebrate mechanical movements and bring back a closeness with the objects in our home.

Brass rack and pinion ensures a smooth motion

How Does It Work?

The Crane Lamp is composed of hardwood parts connected by pins. These parts can rotate about each other making the lamp expand and contract. It can be raised to any position and will always hold its height. This is because the weight of the lamp is balanced against the strength of a spring and is incredibly easy to raise and lower the lamp; just push or pull any part of the structure and it will move. The spring is designed to lessen the weight of the lamp, so it feels very light to raise.

Crane Desk Lamp & Crane Floor Lamp

Crane Lamp Desk Dimensions


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