About Us


In a world blinded by money, power and social status, we don’t realize how we are losing ourselves, our beliefs and our dignity. Drawn blind folded with the flow as the heads that run the media, puppet us to whatever they want us to do. We all want to become rich and famous to show ourselves like celebrities, when in reality, what makes the news, is mostly when those same celebrities fail. We are losing our values in search for pointless fame.

If you crave fame, focus on how you can contribute to the world so that you make a worldwide impact. That will get you famous, yet in a positive way. Don’t be dragged by likes and follows. Believe in yourself, as when you do good you will feel it from deep within and the euphoria it’s worth more than a billion likes.

Our mission is to restore the media. We want to motivate people to do good, learn to build things and help society to get back to its roots. In the world everybody matters, every life is worth something and since we have one life, lets make it worth living.


Choose your future, Choose Life