Day: July 21, 2017

The Crane, the Kinetic Lamp

The Crane Lamp is a playful, movable light designed by London-based design studio Animaro. It can change dramatically in height and shape, its moving form inspired by the shape of the Crane Bird extending its neck to catch prey. Bringing Back The Mechanical Making a telephone call used to involve winding a keypad and lifting […]

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Health Benefits Of Sunshine That Make You Love The Sun More

Maybe you are worried that too much sunlight can cause cancer? It is just one of the multiple causes so there is no need to get hung up about it. We are bombarded by messages to use sunblock all the time, even in winter. But sunblock may contain potential carcinogens, so you begin to wonder […]

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How Home Automation Will Change the Way Our Houses Will Look in the Future

  Home automation has been around for a while now, but every homeowner knows that they need to plan for the future. While the initial methods of home automation are most likely still going to be in use, the new and improved technology will likely include some wild and wonderful ideas. Let’s explore how this […]

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