Day: May 11, 2017

Self-Driving Trucks Are Coming to Save Lives and Kill Jobs

When it comes to self-driving technology, some of the biggest and earliest gains could come in the biggest vehicles. More than a few companies are working to deliver 18-wheelers that eliminate the human behind the wheel, drastically reduce their workload, or relocate them to a driving simulator in a cubicle. That’s great for trucking companies […]

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The Lowly Folding Chair, Reimagined With Algorithms

At a glance, the Swish resembles nothing more than a fancy folding chair—a glamorous, indoor version of a canvas camping stool. See it in motion, though, and you’ll notice that the Swish chair looks unusually beautiful as it goes from a flat, folded position to an open, seated stance. The wood stool kind of twirls […]

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