Day: May 10, 2017

Is Oregano Oil the New Argan Oil? And What Makes It So Special?

From muscle aches, skin problems and upset stomachs to sore throats, headaches, athlete’s foot, and so much more, oregano oil can help. I know what you’re thinking: “How can some spice in my grandmother’s kitchen help me?” Well, for starters, it’s not the same oregano you put on your food. This type of oregano (Origanum […]

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Happiness Isn’t About How Much You Have, But How Much You Enjoy Life

d for can only give them temporary happiness. We do nothing hard but lose the passion of life and the hope of future Then, you might think that it is better not to play hard or work hard. However, being a nihilist can neither guarantee you long-lasting happiness. Being a nihilist is the worst case […]

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Extreme Airports That Flirt With Disaster

According to the majority of pilots, takeoff and landing are the most dangerous aspects of a flight.  Still, some conditions are riskier than others—but it seems that all the mountain peaks, cliff faces, crowded beaches, and main roads on our list, haven’t managed to discourage the brave pilots who navigate them every day. Since the […]

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